Accelerometer or Gyro For Velocity of Golf Club

Hi all.
I just ordered a bunch of goodies from Sparkfun.
My basic plan for this is measuring the acceleration of a golf club
Hardware includes an Arduino Mini Pro 3.3v, bluetooth connection and memsic 2125 accelerometer all mounted onto a club.

I had the accelerometer from a past project and the more i look into it, I feel that it is not exactly what i am looking for.
For starters its only 2 axis and has a range of +/- 3g. The fact that this device is not measuring the club head speed but rather the shaft speed and extrapolating the reading from the accelerometer to give the speed of the club head leads me to believe i may get away with this accelerometer but i wont know that until i get all my parts in.

From all the reading i have done i see there are many possible ways to get the velocity data.
One is to integrate the acceleration, which seems to be possible with the math.h lib, please correct me if i am wrong.
Another is to convert the accelerations into angles and measure the angular acceleration, but this seems more of a job for a gyro.
I have also thought about setting a trigger that starts timing at the top of the back swing and divide the Acceleration by the total time of the swing.

Also i am debating on how to mount the accelerometer.
Since it does not have a third axis, i feel that i should orientate the sensor so that the Y axis is facing down and i feel the acceleration data from this axis would give me the centripetal acceleration vector and velocity is derived from that.
The X axis would be perpendicular to the face of the club, so it would be measuring the acceleration in the direction of the swing.

And finally, is this something that is better done with a gyro with 2 Degrees of freedom or an accelerometer with 3 axis.

I have finally decided to reach out to the forums for some insight, waiting for these parts have forced me to get inside my own kitchen with theories of what will work and what wont. And i feel the insight gained here will bring me back to sanity.

Thanks all. Once i get me parts and some code working ill have it up, but until then... show me the light!!

Nobody has a an opinion? :frowning:
No worries.
So a club head speed of 100 mph is 44.7 meters/sec
With acceleration happening in .5. To .75sec
So acceleration is 89.4m/s^2 at for a .5 second delta T at the club head.
This is much too much for the accerometer but this acceleration is at the club head
The accerometer is going to be about half the radius of the club head.
According to my math this should cut the acceration in roughly half.
angular speed is v/r
if r is 1m for the radius at the club head angular v is 44.7m/s
If r is half of the radius, 44/2 is 22m/s and accel would be ~45m/s^2
What do y'all think?