Accelerometer or Gyroscope???

Hi, I'm currently working on a plane autopilot. The first part of my project involves balancing the plane with a tilt sensor's readings.I first used an ADXL-345 accelerometer for this purpose. Then some fellow told me to use a IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) . So i ordered a MPU-6050 and completed the rest. But then I realized that the readings take about 20 seconds to stabilize and that is too much time for this project.
So now which sensor should I use or how can I correct the MPU???
I am using this library for the gyro and used this for the accelerometer.

Firstly, the readings should not be taking 20s to stabilise...

You want gyro for the stabilisation.



Code is the example of the libraries.
and schematic is obviously
Vcc > 5V
Gnd > Gnd
and in the MPU INT > D2
I am using Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3
I dont know why but they are taking 20 seconds to stabilise :angry:

20 seconds initial stabilization should be acceptable.

So, is there no way to reduce the initialisation time

Never power down the mpu…