hey guys,

sorry for perhaps asking stupid questions.

i got a parralax accelerometer yesterday and tried out the tutorial. i don't understand what should happen. i' m newbie and it seems a little bit dumb.

i thought the accerelometer is an analog input. if i understood in the tutorial, it can be used both: digital (moving or not) oder analog (how fast it is moved). so i have the code now on the board, but nothing is (was) happening?! i checked the connections on the "picture" and putted the right violet (on the breadboard) wire one step to the right. now the led is blinking circa twice a second.

is there a tutorial how to use the accelerometer as an analog input (perhaps it would be easier in graphical shematics)?

thank you for the great work, you do!


Hey sonderformat.

I suppose you work with arduino004, in that case, you have to change the serial instructions with the new syntax.

change beginSerial(9600) by Serial.begin(9600) adjust the speed to your board (Tools > Serial Monitor Board rate) change printByte() by Serial.print() take a look at the reference page

good luke