Access web server(web monitor) any where in the world

Access web server any where in the world

I am controlling some application using web server of my home remotely,actually i succeeded in local ip(i.e ,this one is private ip means we can access web server with in that network only. I want to access my web server any where in world(i.e public ip) .How to configure public ip to my arduino yun.and how to access public ip from my Router.Give me some suggestions.

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Thank you for reply sonnyyu.

But i need to maintain separate web server .
when i tying public ip( in browser,my web page will be open. i succeed in private ip, how to configure public ip. i'm new for IoT .

The issue is not so much the Yun, but the router that connects your network of private addresses to the public network. The most common way to handle this is to configure that router to open up a "port forward" so that when an incoming connection is attempted to the router's public IP address, it is forwarded to the Yun's private address.

This a basic networking configuration issue. However, it's not necessarily a basic concept, it can get somewhat involved, especially when you take security considerations into account. That incoming connection is bypassing your router's firewall protection. With direct access to your Yun, an attacker could compromise the Yun, get access to the Linux system running on it, and now have complete unfettered access to attack anything on your private network. Care is definitely warranted.

One example of doing this is here: Accessing Your YUN Worldwide But there will likely be many differences in your particular implementation, and that example does not address the security implications.

This is not a Yun specific situation: do some research on opening up a system behind a private router to get more information, as it will be equally applicable to a a Yun. Also, research the capabilities of your router to get further ideas. Not only is this not specific to Yun's, it is also not a one size fits all solution, you will have to do a lot of your own research as everyone's router and Internet service provider details are different.