Accessing the project hub

I have just got into Arduino again after being away for a few years. I have my account on here and having not used the online tools before set things up as instructed. I have tried looking at the Arduino Project Hub but cant seem to get there. All I get is a blank white page with the continual attempt access to the following URL's and I cannot get any further. Any ideas?

Almost all Arduino pages have been using case sensitive passwords for a few months after and upgrade to the login system.

Project hub is hosted by an affiliate company so sometimes there can be minor issues with the SSO link.
It does appear to be down at the moment as you have noticed.

Thank you for reporting it I have passed the info to a Hackster dev. and placed an issue on github for it too

We are looking at this issue, thanks for your report

The issue has been fixed yesterday night CET, sorry for the inconvenience