Accurate self-calibrating CO2 meter

As a project at the University college of Odisee Energietechnologie (Belgium) we made 8 CO2 meters that indicate the quality of air and measure CO2.
The meter uses an IR-sensor, UNO, LCD and battery pack and auto-calibrates itself (each 24 hours or shorter).
With the link you'll find the code and a description of the hardware. We made a short documentation so that you have an idea about CO2 and Covid, and with some explanations about measuring of the Air quality. Included are also hardware and software, and we added some measurements with the 8 units that we built (we compare this with a reference CO2 meter).
I hope this might inspire you for other CO2 projects? Or maybe you just want to build one for yourself :slight_smile:
If you have questions: feel free to ask.



self calibrating CO2 meter_compressed.pdf (415.6 KB)

DS-CO2-20-ver3.6.ino (8.2 KB)
eepromRead.ino (2.2 KB)
eepromWrite.ino (945 Bytes)


A really cool project, well done!

Have you explored using the Arduino nano 33 BLE or the Arduino nano RP2040 connect?

with these, you could wirelessly connect to a PC via Bluetooth or connect to WiFi, then, you could send an alarm to someone if the CO2 concentration exceeds a dangerous value.

if you set the Bluetooth up, you would be able to retrieve the data remotely from a PC if using MATLAB or python too!

You did a great job, thanks for sharing!

hello! This could be indeed a very nice extra!However the goal was to make a readout that was correct. The difficulty was not to make things work electronically but to have a accurate readout :slight_smile: Maybe in the future indeed we can make a new project for logging and alarm etc...
Many greats and ... succes with the experiments!

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