ACS712 reading stagnant in 511

hi, i used ACS712 to measure DC current 0-30A

when there is no current, the analog read is 510, 511, or 512.

for testing, i measure current through a lamp 12V/21W, so the current must be about 21/12= 1,75A. But the analog read is still 511 or 512.

since the reading is stagnant in 511 for every current i measured, i cant move on. do you have any idea?

sorry for my bad english language.

thanks, hanifan

Do you use a module ? can you give a link to the module that you use, or give a schematic. Could you make a photo of the wiring ? Please show us your sketch.

Are you measuring AC or DC? I wrote a blog post about this sensor recently, not sure if it has information that might help you : read it here

These sensors are noisy and don’t have massive resolution, that’s the nature of hall-effect
current sensing. That particular sensor isn’t supposed to have any significant hysteresis though, so it does
sound wrong. You’ve checked for a short between the current sensing terminals?