Adalight Arduino problem. Blinking LEDs


I’m trying to make Adalight project for 50 LEDs with WS2801 from this topic: Overview | Adalight Project Pack | Adafruit Learning System.

It’s my first Arduino project, but everything went fine until running Adalight sketch in Processing.
I’m powering it by old PC PSU (temporary), and I have tested two diferent ones. Final result isn’t working how it should.

When i start the Adalight sketch, startup RGB flash right (it’s on video) but then LED’s start to blinking. Same problem is with Colorswirl.

I have no idea where the problem is - bad wiring or something with code. Thanks for any answers and hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Here’s video how it works right now:

Sketch from Arduino:

Sketch from Adalight (in Processing):

and picture of wiring:

It looks like you have taken care with your wiring. It is not the “rats nest” of some projects.

Try commenting out parts of the code to help isolate the cause. This involves putting /* at the start of the block and */ at the end. This stops that part of the code being processed.

By removing parts of the program you should be able to narrow down where the problem is. The hard part is selecting what parts to remove. Make sure that the block is a complete section not required. Take care not to remove things like opening or closing braces not part of the code to be removed.

Make sure you “save as” so you can return to working versions as you mess it up.


I'm not sure what these LED's are, compared to strings of neopixels, which I have used and understand. When I look at your wiring picture, apparently you have a single wire control interface to the LED's, similar to neopixels. It is not too clear where all the power is coming from to light all those LED's, but it sure ain't coming from the Arduino. But what I don't see in your picture is a big fat capacitor. The neopixels are powered individually by PWM, which can result in substantial current spikes. Does your power supply handle that load well? At the least, place a 1000 uF cap across the power leads to these LED's.

Thanks for answers.

jrdoner - true, I don't have any capacitor because no one mentioned it in tutorial, but I will get one today. weedpharma - ok I'll try isolate parts of code and see what will happend. But i dont really think that code is the problem. I got second testing sketch for processing called 'Colorswirl', and he was blinking to. But then i find on internet that i should change in my Arduino sketch this line: SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV16); to 32/64/128 On 64 and 128 'Color Swirl' start to work properly (i guess) because flickering was stopped. Adalight sadly still flickering on any of this changes.


After 2 days of searching i found on adalight forum edited version of Arduino sketch for people with "flickering" problem. Works perfectly. Thanks again for help.