ADC Channels Mapping Due

How do I find out the pin and channel correspondence on the Due? I have looked through the "component_adc" file as well as the datasheet, but cannot seem to find this information. I want to know how to enable A10 and A11. I have seen commonly that A0 enable requires us to write code to enable Ch7, i.e,


How to do similarly for other Channels from A1 (Ch6) to A15?

Just try and use 10 or 11 with an analogRead call.

Thank you for replying. I used it that way for simpler tasks and that was alright, but I want to activate only certain lines and work with those. 1 way I could think of doing this was write the binary bit to the entire set of registers like writing ADC->ADC_CHER = 0x3CFF, but I would still like to know where to find this information about channel mapping.

That is not how code works, if you don’t want to work with a line don’t include it in your code. It only activates when you use it.

I see, I have looked at this pinout diagram many times, but I did not realize that those signified the channel numbers ADx. Thank you very much! Just what I needed to know!

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