Adding MIDI input to pre-MIDI synthesizer with matrix keyboard

Hello, I have arduino mega 2560 and a yamaha cs01. I would like to install midi input to my yamaha cs01, to send signal for logic x if. Having to play the keys of the yamaha cs01 since its keys are small. Could you tell me how? thank you very much.

Rasjuanaca: Could you tell me how?

If you're in it for the adventure, you might Google for a CS01 schematic, study it, and start to conceptualize how you'd connect an Arduino to the keyboard matrix. (And after that, to a MIDI cable.)

If you're less adventurous but still want a bit of a ride, Google for existing CS01 MIDI solutions and use one of those as a guide for your Arduino project. Or copy it.

If you just want a working solution now and don't care how it happens, go here and buy one. :) (Second Google hit with keywords: Yamaha, CS01, and MIDI)

Thanks jaholmes but highly liquid no longer manufactures the umr2, I was already investigating that option, it seems simple.
So arduino is the only option I have left.
I think I would have to pull out the arduino pwm salodas the 12 cables ranging from arduino to cs01 keyboard ribbon, is this possible?
Would have to put in arduino the pollarity electricity jumper as in the page that you have sent me?
thank you very much

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