Adding Sensors To My Project

Hello everyone. I have posted one forum a couple months ago on the same project, although now the project has evolved to something entirely different, so i believe it is proper to make a new thread for it.

My Current Situation:
I have an Arduino Nano that has a DHT11 sensor and a NRF24L01 on it (Transmitter side). The transmitter is currently programmed to send DHT11 data to another Nano/NRF24L01 every second (Receiver Side). I will attach the code and perhaps some pictures below. My battery source is just the USB into my computer. Currently my code works flawlessly, at least on the level I need it to be on; I am able to read the DHT11 data from my serial monitor on the Receiver side (and on the transmitter side obviously).

My Problem:
I need to add 3 soil moisture sensors and 3 wire (waterproof) temperature sensors to the transmitter and I do not know how. The code I got so far is from a similar project and if i am quite honest, i am not very good at Arduino programming. I can usually understand/read code that is written and i know the basics, but i struggle heavily with writing code.

I should add - The transmitter code is called "ProbeTrial1.ino" and the receiver code is called "CentralUnitTrial1.ino"
If anyone can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you all for your time.

  • Hayden

ProbeTrail1.ino (1.03 KB)

CentralUnitTrial1.ino (680 Bytes)

Here is the wiring diagram i got made from

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