Additional Options dialog in the IDE

Ok, in the good spirit of presenting feature requests i would like to call for people to attend to this thread:

Lets just add and share what options we would like to have in the IDE to be (at least) toggable:

Shift+Backspace = Del
Please make this behaviour toggable. There are people, including me who find this very feature extremely disturbing

New window on opening a Sketch
It would be nice to have an option to open (all?) sketches in the same window you call to open the sketch from. Much like Notepad and any other software does

I think the second would be confusing because of the tabs used for multiple files.

On my side, I was suggesting that :
Being able to select the programmer setting (bootloader, usbtiny etc) of the preferences.txt file from the Menu. That menu could be hidden and shown if you check a box of the preferences so that it doesn’t confuse the newcomers.
Or even better: profiles that allow to give a board a name, a type, a port and/or a programmer. The last profile setting used with a sketch could be stored in the file itself.

It would be nice to have an option to open (all?) sketches in the same window you call to open the sketch from.

I’ll second that. I hate having it open another window when I want to open a sketch.

Add a new menu item to open a new window, to be used if you want to open a sketch in another window.

I second the first option - that behavior is so aggravating when you are typing in constants (I upper-case my constants), and you need to backspace, but you don’t let up off the shift key…



As far as Shift+Backspace = Delete… I also accidentally do that all the time. >:(

I’d go even further to suggest that feature removed altogether (keep the options simple) because on PCs, there’s a dedicated key for Delete, and on Macs, there’s a “blessed” way to forward delete:

Is this an issue on Linux platforms? Or is Shift+backspace a solution for a non-existent problem?

Thanks for reminding us that delete is supposed to “function-backspace” not “shift-backspace”. I think I’ve been misreading / parsing previous complaints about this. I opened a Processing bug for this: I’m hoping they find a nice simple solution that I can adopt for Arduino.