ADT Security

I have an old ADT system and I was wondering if I could build an arduino to active or deactivate the system from my iPhone. Any thoughts on this?


It might be a useful idea - just might I say - to describe what you mean by "ADT"?

Or to continue the medical theme: Urban Dictionary

It is a security company in the U.S.

108buzz: an old ADT system

In my experience, it's common for installers to decommission alarms at the end of their service contract by wiping the software configuration so unless the alarm is currently working, you may have a lot of work to do to get it working. If the alarm is currently installed and working and you just want to access the keypad remotely then that is probably feasible and probably not hard. It would introduce additional failure modes though - make sure you're happy to have the odd false alarm or be unable to turn the alarm off if something goes wrong with your add-on. I'd suggest that if the add-on makes it possible to access the alarm from outside the premises then you should provide strong security over that connection. If you don't know what strong security means in technical terms then do some reading on that before you go any further, because an alarm would usually be protected from hackers by virtue of the fact that you have to be inside the alarm zone to access it; if it can be accessed remotely then it becomes trivially easy to hack the alarm,

It is an active alarm system.