Advice appreciated for wireless time syncing without internet based NTP servers

Case: Guy on laptop playing music and controlling some visuals on a separate UVO (Undefined Visual Object). He works with a typical piece of software which is capable of outputting OSC. Maybe I can get it to do more like using Bluetooth but, unsure for now. The environments can be quite hostile regarding WiFi noise (event locations with their own blaring repeaters, etc). I can also not guarantee internet, and don't want to be dependant.

My primary solution was using WiFi. Laptop has wifi, easy to integrate protocols and so on. But I was getting trouble with a highly fluctuating round trip time. For syncing music with visual, this sucks. The object is using a WiFly module from Roving Networks in soft AP mode.

Questions: What would be a nice solution for wireless time syncing a laptop with an Arduino, without the use of internet/NTP?

Sub-questions: What is the best use of the WiFly module? Would using a separate router as AP make a huge difference?

Any help is appreciated!

You don't need the internet for NTP. I use a Linux box set as a NTP server and my Arduino gets the time from it. I need the Arduino and the Linux box on the same time.