Advice needed on an audio project.

Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum (!)

I recently got an assignment from a theatre company that has an "theatralized exhibition" project. One of the elements consists of a closed space with an audio playback system. The listener should be able to select a track (among four) by pressing some sort of physical device on a wooden board (switch... knob... not defined yet). I thought of using arduino for this but I have no experience with this platform. Could anyone tell me how this could be done and what parts would be involved so I could do a rough cost estimate? Thank you very much!


The simplest way is just with a rotary switch, that's all. No computers were harmed in the making of this project.

If you want to control the input source from a program then using relays is a good way for a beginner.

When you are feeling more advanced then look into analogue multiplexers for electronic switching.

Hint. Before you make anything decide exactly what it needs to do.

What was it that my pnuematics lecturer always said about a solution???

System Design Hardware

If the system changes (what its suppose to do) then the design changes, the hardware might change. If the hardware changes then the design might change. If the Design changes the hardware will change and the system as well...or something like that.

Point is, first decide exactly what it needs to do, then work on the design considering the hardware. Or just what Grumpy_Mike said.

Here's one approach:,49979.0.html

Or maybe use the mp3 shield here.,7017.0.html