Advice with adding LCD, 1 servo, 1 DC motor and prox sensor

Greetings, I'm very excited about getting involved with this platform. I'm wondering about the devices I can control and what the best way is to go about controlling them. For my project I require a 12V DC motor, a hobby servo, a 4x20 LCD, input buttons (possibly 5) and a proximity sensor or something similar that can count number of rotations on the DC motor. I'm wondering if I am able to connect all these devices to an Arduino and do I need any shields to do so?

This just occurred to me as I'm writing this but could I eliminate the prox sensor if I went with a stepper instead of a DC motor? I would like to program the motor to shut off at a set number of turns.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome! An Arduino UNO has 18 free pins so you will use up about 15 of them. DC motor 2 pins for bidirection LCD 6 pins, buttons 5 pins and rest one each. I recommend a serial LCD (save 5 pins) or my own phi-panel serial LCD keypad backpack (saves 9 pins).

A stepper motor can be open loop as long as you don't exceed its max torque. Steppers are also slower.

Excellent! That helps quite a bit. Thanks!