Advise on the most elegant way to store google calendar events on Arduino

Hi all–

I am working on a project which consists on programming Arduino to activate a set of relays according to google calendar. I need some advise on the best strategy to store the google calendar information (i.e. the times at which those relays need to be activated). What is the best option:

  • Store relays time in an array? Can this array be dynamic according to the number of calendar events?
  • Store this information in the EEPROM and modify it every time there is an update in google calendar?
  • Any other suggestion or example on the most elegant way to do it?


I'd go with EEPROM. Only have 1024 bytes in '328P, so minimize the data across say 4 bytes: YM DD HR MM to turn on, YM DD HR MM to turn off
Y year, 13-14-15 as 0xOD, OE, OF
M Month 1-12 as 0x01 to 0x0C
DD day 1-31 0x01 to 0x1F (whatever 31 is)
HR hour 0 to 23 0x00 to 0x17
MM minute 0 to 59 0x00 to 0x3B

so 8 bytes, 128 events

Google Calendar has an API with which you can list upcoming events.

I wouldn't see it as ideal to attempt to store upcoming events, rather just poll your calendar every hour or so and store the time of the next event.