after asking many questions around here...

i figured i should post a finished project now and then.

Video at:

This piece uses pulses from the DVD player audio line, run through an amp and rectifier circuit, to an optocoupler input to sync the video with the arduino. Used a Pro Mini to manage both otherwise independent systems.

Also, i was lucky enough to get it posted on the Make blog today:


A tad creepy for me, but very cool. May I ask what your inspiration was?

but creepy in a good way, right? :)

inspiration is always a hard thing to say for me. i was just thinking about peoples' interactions, as well as our perception of volition/intent on the part of mechanical things, and this was the result!

This is real art from technology. There is an undeniable level of tension between those two. I felt like they were in some odd moment of silence during a heated argument. Nice work! I’d love to see what this can do with more variations.