Air Compressor + Arduino valve control ?


I aware the air compressor can be dangerous to tweak. However, is there a safe air compressor such as controlled by electricity or motor which is relatively safe and adjustable? I would like to control the air compressor valve switch from arduino, to make an air exhaust for a short period of time.. Any recommendations? thanks.

Not sure where you are located, but what you are looking for is a solenoid valve for compressed air. 24VDC is common. You would need to have your Arduino drive the solenoid valve using a transistor - will depend on the solenoid specs.

Thank you for the response.

is the solenoid valve specified for air compressor from the air brush to industry compressor? I am not sure which compressor is suitable for me, but I am looking for an air compressor similar power with bicycle air pump. Not an air tank. The air compressor has to compress air with motor for certain time to make it exhaust. I want arduino also turns on compressing when the air is fully exhausted. Can anyone recommends me relatively small and safe mobile air compressor to connect with Arduino?

thanks a lot!