Air Compressor Powered musical instruments?


I'm doing some initial research into making some air powered instruments that would be turned on and off by the arduino. Something like this, but maybe attaching a saxophone mouthpiece, or making some sort of air organ or attaching the brass instrument to a air compressor. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with any particular air compressors, that are quiet and manageable and that are reasonably priced. Or if it makes more sense to buy something like this


Thanks in advance!

I'm not a musician, but my understanding of wind instruments is that the speed of the air movement, rather then the pressure of the air being moved, is the critical factor in making the reeds flutter appropriately.

Once you have a supply of air at some pressure, how will you regulate that pressure to get the desired air speed?

Didn't browse your links, but doesn't lip pressure on the reed part of it also? And wetness of the reed? Seems like the woodwin players were always sucking on their reeds as part of the assembly process.

I meant chord organ, which is its actual name ;)