Airsoft CS:GO Bomb | Help me to program!

I’m trying to make a program with Arduino to an OLED and some buttons wich is like a CS:GO bomb but in airsoft. But I totally failed (as the noob I am) and don’t know what to do. So, now I’m asking you if you can help me with this program.

Things I want to use to the program:

Arduino UNO R3
2 buttons
OLED SSD1331 (64x128p)

How it will work:

If bomb is off then if button 1 is clicked then start the bomb and display a timer of 5 minutes.
If timer is over 5 minutes then display an explode animation and turn off the bomb.
If bomb is on then if button 2 is pressed for 10 seconds then defuse/turn off the bomb and display a text who says “Bomb has been defused”.

Thanks in advance

I'm asking you if you can help me with this

What have you tried ?

Can you read a digital input ?
Can you write to the display ?
Can you do something after a period of 5 minutes ?

@UKHeliBob I've tried to just make an animation, but thats where I failed. I don't know how to read a digital output or do something after 5 min, but I can write text, pixels and lines on the display. :confused:

Forget the animation for now. A text message on the screen will do for now.

I know that you want to write the "sexy" bits, like the animation, but you need to get the basics working first.

There are examples in the IDE that will help you
Learn to read a digital input and drive an LED (02.Digital/Button)
Learn to detect when an input goes HIGH rather than when it is HIGH (02.Digital/StateChangeDetection)
Learn how to do timing using the millis() function (02.Digital/BlinkWithoutDelay)
Experiment with changes to the programs. Can you make the BWoD example wait 5 minutes between blinks, for example ?

Start small, make changes, add features. How about outputting a message to the screen after 5 minutes, for example ? Do not overwrite your programs as you make them more complicated, rather, save them with different names so that you go back to a previous program if/(when) your changes do not work out.

If you are stuck at any point then ask for help in the Programming section of the forum. Post your code and give full details of the problem including full error messages if there are any.

OK. Thanks for your advice!


Have you managed to create that program ? I am trying to make something similar. Could you share your code as example, please ? I am doing this because I am a big fan of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and I really like this game. I am actually playing a lot of cs go. However, sometimes I want to delete this game, because I have a very low rank, you know :smiley: I am really lucky that one of my friends has recommended me a really good and cheap csgo boosting, it just saved me, haha


Have you managed to create that program ? I am trying to make something similar. Could you share your code as example, please ?

Back in 2017 I didn't manage to create the program. However, now I'm back into the project! Surprise @spycatcher2k! I've removed the OLED display and just tried using a red LED, a RGB LED, a buzzer and two buttons. I'm not totally done with the code yet (I want something to happen when a button is held for 5 seconds) because I'm still a newbie, so we'll see how it goes! But if you (@evansjohn1) still want the code that is unfinnished, tell me!