Airspeed using MPXV7002DP

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I'm starting here - first message on the board,

I'm currently looking to do something similar has this:

I'm currently having the breaking board version of the MPX Sensor, and I'm able to read random data

the board is a MiniPro,

I'm currently trying to understand how I can do the convertion, that why I'm looking for any advice

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Maybe this will be a start. wiki/Airspeed

ok so far looking at how to calculate true speed I have:

a_0 = Speed of sound at standard sea level (661.4788 knots)
q_c = Impact pressure (inHg)
P = Static pressure (inHg)
T = Temperature (kelvin)
T_0 = Standard sea level temperature (288.15 kelvin)

I have

#define SEALEVEL_SOUND_KNOTS 661.4788
#define SEALEVEL_TEMP 288.15

float knots = SEALEVEL_SOUND_KNOTS * but then I'm stuck, how I can we get the racine being recocgnize?

thanks again

how I can we get the racine being recocgnize?

I have no idea what do you mean?

what the formulas should looks like?

not able to get the bottom of it


Dynamic pressure = 0.5 * density * velocity2
You can use 1.225kg/m3 for sea level air density. Velocity should be m/s. Pressure will be in Pascals.

Then you just need to calibrate your sensor so you know how many ADC units per Pa.