Alert by email while inside IOT Cloud

HI all
I would like to be able to send email alerts when a condition is reached by some variables.
I'm able to trigger any process whenever this condition occurs but I'm not sure, as I have not so much knowledge which way should I consider from now on to continue .
I've tried some basic triggered actions that works inside the cloud as string messages or pin events.... so far it's ok, but sending mails is something I think I should be sure to choose libraries without compatibility issues with the IOT cloud.
I've been looking some examples sketches an libraries of sending mails.
some examples take care of wifi connection, some others sends mails while WIFI is on
I have some doubts , as I don't know if the way that Arduino Cloud operates or even if the WIFI could be shared or if will interfere or be interfered by other processes like "sendmail" libraries or other variants ESP chip based libraries.
My boards are NANO 33 IOT and MKR Wifi 1010 -- I'm really not sure if I could send an e-mail while being connected to the cloud, even I really don't know which library should I consider to begin my "tests and fail learning method"
Any kind of suggestion would be really appreciated
also any experience to share should be very nice
Best Regards

We're working to make this available in a more native way, but for now you can use the webhook functionality of IoT Cloud to relay events to an external notification platform such as IFTTT or Zapier (more info here).

thankyou alranel I'll take a look to your link

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