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Hello Community,

i use a Arduino Mega 2650 for my project. I want to replace it because of it´s big size and small Sram and the many Pins i don´t need.

I googled a little bit and found out, that Adafruit Feather are compatible with the Arduino IDE and much more storage. The problem is that most of the boards don´t have EEPROM. Maybe you can give me some recomention for a good board. Here are the specs i need:

Clock Speed >=16MHz
It has to be Arduino IDE Compatible.

Thankyou for your help!

I just forgot to say: I need at least one Serial Connection (TX, RX). Two Serial Ports are better, so i can use the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE.

Look at Teensy.

Look at Teensy.

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Most Arduinos based on more modern MCU chips have no EEPROM, but they do have flash memory, which can be used to emulate EEPROM. Flash memory is essentially the "next generation EEPROM". It might not have as many write-cycles as EEPROM on paper, but it generally has far more capacity than EEPROM. "Wear Leveling", which writes updates to different areas of the flash memory over time, effectively gives flash memory as many if not more write-cycles than EEPROM. That's why modern MCU often don't have any EEPROM, but have larger flash memory, or use a separate flash memory chip.

Ok that´s interesting. So it is possible to store variables in a non-eeprom board?

fram is a good option, but it's an add-on

Look at boards based on SAMD21 MCU chips. These have, or can be configured to have several serial ports by configuring their SERCOM modules. Plus they have far more ram, flash, higher clock speeds etc than Mega.

MicroSD holds 32GB of data. If you needs LOTs of memory.

I like teensy but there are other choices like The Nano Every, Nano 33 IoT, Nano 33 BLE, MKR WiFi 1010, …, and all the boards based around the esp32 to name a few

Thankyou all. I will try it with the Teensy 4.0. It is much smaller and the specs are in all points way better compared to the mega.

I have an additional question. What is the sampling rate of the analog input pin? A normal Arduino has 10000 Hz. I searched a lot, but didn´t find anything. Is it for Teensy 4.0 the same 10000 Hz?

see GitHub - kongmunist/TeensyDAQ-Fast: Turn your Teensy into a data acquisition device for streaming analog signals from a microcontroller to Python

➜ Teensy's analog-to-digital converter can output 12-bit samples at up to 400kHz

Thankyou for your reply. I don‘t use the ADC Libary. I don‘t need a high sampling rate, but i need to know the default value.

There is a specific support forum for the Teensy;

What do you call a default value?

Only calling analogRead() in the loop
And doing nothing with it?

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