Alternatives for HC-05 which can connect on iPhone

Hi I am a newbie. I started working on a car which you can control using bluetooth I used HC-05 as a bluetooth module now when I was not able to connect it I realised that HC-05 cannot connect with iPhone so I just wanted to know if there are any alternatives for it which is compatible with iPhone.

I've had success with JDY-31 for an Android phone

JDY-31 at DuckDuckGo

Can we use HM-10 instead of HC-05? will it work the same? Is it compatible with iPhone 7?

It would appear that reply#1 is one of those stupid fake advertising sites. The JDY31 is a classic Bluetooth device. It may be an alternative to HC-0x, but it will not solve your problem. The HM-10 is a BLE device and therefore kosher for IOS. It seems to be essentially equivalent to HC-0x but that is all. It has a reduced instruction set and misses the extra features to be found on BLE devices. There will be additional information on the Martyn Currey website.

Note that HM-10 is in AT mode by default and is configured in essentially the same manner as an HC-06. Also, on an Android, it is not paired like other Bluetooth devices but is connected from the app. This may be standard practice with IOS.

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So in short I can use HC-10 instead on HC-05 for the bluetooth control car ? Will I have to change anything from my code ?

HM-10. HC-10 is something else, I think.

Yes, and there should be no change to Arduino code. It just converses with the serial port and doesn't know what is actually connected to it. I have had very little experience with HM-10, but mine transferred data just like an HC-05.

OK Thanx if it works ill post the photo of the car