Analog Guitar Signal to Midi Note to Blutooth to Smartphone

I'm in the planning stage for a university project, and want to know if this is even possible to achieve.
Basically my idea would be to have a guitar signal directly to an Arduino unit like in this Tutorial here: Only to take it to another step where an Iphone/smartphone would be able to receive the midi inputs and play the corresponding sound from IOS Garageband or something similar via Blutooth from the Arduino. If anyone has any info or existing resources this would be great! I've never used Arduino physically; any logistic information or opinions on if this is even possible would be appreciated.


Hi! Helpers always want as much documentation as possible.
However, looking at videos, consumes significant time. My opinion is that video looking makes You loose potential helpers.
Try to give as many engineering facts as possible, here.
Don't be lazy, make it easy for You and then, harder for us. It's a negative approach.
For all special equipment, post links to the data sheets. Data sheets seldomly show up in videos.
All controller projects can be split in 2 parts, managing the needed hardware and what to do with the used hardware.
New games, new bets....

Analog to MIDI is tricky because of the harmonics & overtones, and chords and multiple instruments are even trickier. You might look for a computer application first, just to get an idea of what's available and how well it works when you have enough processing power and good programming.

Note the example doesn't use a "standard" Arduino. It uses a more powerful variation.

From what I've seen on the forum, most people who try to make a guitar tuner are unsuccessful. :frowning:

It might be possible, but you might get latency (delay). That's not a problem (or rather it's a problem that can usually be worked-around) if you're "recording" and making a MIDI file but it's a problem if you are playing live.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Having it work on a very minimal level is all I'm really trying
to achieve for this experiment. Or to see if anyone else has tried something like this. As long as a phone is receiving SOME sort of input I'd pat myself on the back.