Analog Input Resistor

I need to know if I have to add a resistor on the analog input of Arduino Mega because I want to read the voltage of a battery cell
Translated, inconsistencies may occur.

What battery voltage are you measuring?

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inconsistencies may occur.

A resistor will not help if there are inconsistencies. A single resistor will make no difference at all so long as it is less than 10K. Higher than that will cause a reduction in the accuracy.

Two resistors in the form of a voltage divider will reduce your voltage to a range with a maximum under the maximum value the analogue input can take.

A resistor between the input and ground will keep the input from floating and will insure that you read zero when the battery is not connected.

Ya know, it really depends on what is hooked up to the input pin to begin with. Very little current will flow anyway, but a resistor could help protect stuff in case of an accidental short. How are you sampling the voltage of the battery? Directly to the terminals? Or do you have a voltage divider, because the battery has a higher voltage than the 'Vcc' of the circuit. If that's the case, you already have a resistor.