analogWrite not working

Hi, I'm new to Arduino world. I'm using Arduino Micro with 1.6.9. IDE. All simple examples I did without any problem, i.e. reading analog inputs, connecting LCD, controlling LEDs etc.

PROBLEM: I connected LED to pin with PWM function, I declared this pin as OUTPUT, and wrote some analog value to it, i.e.


...but I get on this pin full 5V, tested with multimeter, and LED lits with full intensity. When I change analog value to i.e. 50, I get 0V on pin11 and LED goes off. Then I noticed that when I remove pinMode line from the code (first line in my example), this pin works as it should, and I can control LED intensity. In reference I found that it is not necessary to declare a pin as an OUTPUT, but I did not found that you must not declare it as OUTPUT if you want to use PWM.

Now my program is working as it should, but I'm curious if I'm doing something wrong? I found many examples where people use analogWrite after declaring pin as OUTPUT, so it seems that I'm the only one who can not do it?

We can't see your code.

..but I get on this pin full 5V, tested with multimeter

What about using an oscilloscope?