Another Great Book by Tom Almy

This is not your usual Arduino design book! A followup to "Far Inside The Arduino", "Still Far Inside The Arduino" continues the in-depth look into the AVR-based Arduino development boards.

Topics include:

Detailed distinctions among the various general purpose Arduino boards:
    ATmega328P based like the Arduino Uno and Nano
    ATmega2560 based like the Arduino Mega
    ATmega4809 based like the Arduino Nano Every
    ATmega32U4 based like the Arduino Leonardo and Micro
A comparison of five different implementation styles for a single project, from the Arduino encouraged style with blocking functions and a single execution thread through state machines, interrupt driven design, and using an RTOS.
SPI and I2C (TWI) drivers that utilize callback functions, don’t do unnecessary buffering, and are non-blocking.
Improved serial interface drivers for both stream and packetized data transfers, including RS485 and a MODBUS-like interface.
Interrupt driven one-wire interface.
Radio communication with the NRF24 transceiver

37 example programs are provided for download from the author’s website, each suitable for most to all Arduino Uno, Nano, Mega, Leonardo, Micro, Nano Every, and the non-Arduino Pro Micro boards. Many of the examples require two Arduino boards, and having different types of boards is highly recommended!

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