Any Arduino Library for AMQP protocol

Dear All,

I want to send data (publish) from Arduino to RabbitMQ broker.
So, we have any example for AMQP like MQTT ?

Its also helpful if available the same of ESP8266 (LUA or Espruino or arduino code)

Thanks for your help.

Titus S.

How about using the MQTT Adapter for RabbitMQ and then the MQTT client library for your Arduino?


Thanks for your reply.
I am already able to do MQTT but need AMQP support using CloudAMQP broker.
Any insights or pointers ?

Any arduino example is available for this ?

I'm able to send message to cloudAMQP using the below linux commands.

amqp-publish -e --url amqp:// -b 10

MQTT and Rabbitmq:
mosquitto_pub -h -t test -m "Jesus" -u rpbabbvu:rpbabbvu -P UWRYLmLEHHJSSXHXF7bhvy6CO1hlHYRT

In ESP8266 and Arduino:

mqttClient.setServer("", 1883);
mqttClient.setKeepAlive(5).setWill("topic/online", 2, true, "no").setCredentials("arbnarbm:arbnarbm", "1if1Zah5rraaBDcr9fN3bOV8guypAqEt").setClientId("myDevice");

Not sure, this is correct but able to see the activities in CloudAMQP while running on ESP8266/Arduino board.

Please anybody knows about AMQP in Arduino/ESP8266 (NodeMCU) ??