aquaponics system Power Question

hi arduino Forum i am currently building a aquaponics system that has 12 neopixel leds, 1 ultrasonic sensor, 5 leds and a temp sensor and 1 soil moisture senosr

based on what I was reading the ardunio 5v can only handle 800Ma and the neopixels alone are 760.

Any suggestions or diagrams would be much appreciated.

Parts List

Really though any suggestions are MUCH appreciated as this is a school project.


The Uno cannot support 800mA, the regulator will overheat and shutdown. It does not have a big enough heatsink for that much current.
Get yourself a 5V/2A power supply, use that to power the neopixels. Make sure the power supply Gnd is connected to the neopixel Gnd and to the Arduino Gnd so they are all running off the same common reference point.

thank you so much!! and how would i incorporate the rest of the sensors would i use the USB cable for the 3.5v and the powersupply to 5v? Sorry i am really new to the arduino scene