Arcade button connect, HOW ?

Hey guys,

I was wondering how to connect a arcade button to the arduino, so i can check if the button is pressed or not.
My arcade button:

and in further stages of the project, how do i connect multiple buttons ?

Thanks for your advice !

there is also a way to do it without the resistor using the internal pullup resistor of the chip

as fas as multiple buttons you have a few choices

  • each button goes to a individual input
  • each button goes to a parallel to serial shift register (think NES pad)
  • each button get tied to a resistor chain and hooked into one analog input, though this could mess with multiple buttons pressed at once

Have a look at this

Of course, your button won't plug into a breadboard, so you would need to solder or twist wires to its connectors.

And for multiple buttons, just use more Arduino pins.

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