Arduino 0005 released.

Arduino 0005 is now available for download from

New features include: Smaller core libraries (~4.5 KB instead of 5.5 KB). Mac Intel version that dramatically speeds up compilation and download times. Applied patch from Hans Steiner to improve Linux support by searching for avr tools in the user's path instead of expecting them at a fixed location. Added an upload.verbose preference for help in debugging. ATmega168 support! New Wiring-compatible randomSeed(), random(max) and random(min, max) functions (except operating on longs instead of floats). Fixed bug that sometimes caused uploading of old versions of a sketch. Serial monitor nows include an interface to send messages to the Arduino board. Pressing return appends a newline, pushing the send button doesn't. Now displaying "burning bootloader..." and "compiling..." status messages.


i replaced arduino 003 with the new version. ran the mac os x setup thingy, did a reboot but the application does not start.

i'm on a mac mini ppc with tiger. updating to 10.4.7 while writing this. maybe it'll help.


no luck :frowning:

ran the update, reinstalled FTDI driver, arduino setup script, doesn’t work on the mini.

it works on my powerbook though. mmh…

won’t launch for me either on a PPC iMac, PPC powerbook or intel powerbook

Hmm... it doesn't start at all? Can you check your Console Log (in Application > Utilities) for error messages? You may need to run Software Update and upgrade to the latest Java version.

Updating to the latest java has fixed it here (its launching).

I have been holding off updating Java as the Processing site recommends not to "Java 1.5 — the very latest version of Java. We don't support it and recommend that you avoid using it, as we don't test with it and it appears that it may be the slowest (certainly most bloated) release of Java yet."

FYI console log said

[JavaAppLauncher Error] CallStaticVoidMethod() threw an exception Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: processing/app/Base (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)

followed by many lines of related errors

Thanks for quick reply

Cheers Nick

Awesome work.

The extra space is brilliant!

Glad that upgrading your Java fixed; hope it helps kuk too. Sorry about the requirement for Java 1.5, it's not really necessary and could probably be fixed by passing the right parameters to the Java compiler when building Arduino. If anyone's holding off on upgrading to Arduino 0005 because of it, let me know, and I'll try to make a version that works with older Javas.

thanks for the concern mellis! and sorry not replying earlier.

well, it seems that my first update did not include everything java. the java 1.5 seems to be dependant of the mac os x upddate. so always check twice if you have all updates :-)

everything works now on the mac mini too. a big thank you.

one question that "fallen" already posted in another forum: is the new software aware of the 2 extra analog-ins (6+7) on the arduino mini /stamps??? 8 analog-ins would we awesome. :-D


hi there ,
I saw the Atmega168 were now supported by 005 release! sounds great to have more room for bigger devs :smiley:
I also saw that this Atmega168 was pin to pin compatible (in the DIL28 version) with the Atmega8 featured on the Arduino boards?
so I’ve few questions :

  • as anyone already done this replacement ?
  • do we have to flash another bootloader to deal with the mega168? (I think so ::slight_smile: )
  • does this mean this new 005 release hides the differences between the 2 internal architectures (interrupts, etc… ) so one can reuse its previous source codes?
  • otherwise, is there any special issues or tips we have to deal with ?

thanks a lot for your help