Arduino 0016 IDE crashes in "serial monitor" mode

Hi, I have a problem with the serial communication between my Arduino and the IDE on debian testing 64bit...
I've uploaded the example sketch ASCIITable to the board, but every time I click on the "serial monitor" button, the ide crashes as soon as something is received from the arduino.
I'm using librxtx-java and openjdk 6 from debian repos; the same problem happens also in Processing 1.0.5 when I use the Serial lib, but in that case the ide doesn't crash, instead an error message is printed.
I've got the same problem also with the 64bit java version by Sun (sun-java-6).
However, the sketch is running without problems, since I've tried it with minicom.

I'll soon post the crash log.

Here is the crash log:

I hope someone could help me :-/

I've just tried with the 32bit version of sun-java, and it works well, so the problem should be in the rxtx library... :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone has got it working? :-[

I've just downloaded the 64bit version of Arduino-0016 fromo here Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. and it works great! :smiley:

You can mark this thread as solved :wink: