Arduino 1.04 library compiler warnings.

I've recently upgraded from the 1.0.1 to the 1.0.4 libraries, which means once again working through all the warnings the compiler produces. There are around 330 of them in the four libraries I have compiled, enough to swamp any problems in my own code; they seem to be mostly harmless.

If anyone is interested, the full compile log for the MemoryFree, SPI, Ethernet, and OneWire libraries is at:


I'm guessing you are using makefiles?
The IDE seems to be using slightly different commandline options.
The IDE doesn't turn on -Wextra or -pedantic
At least that is what I see with the linux IDE)

The Arduino team code has quite a few issues in their code so it's pretty much impossible
to run with full warnings.
I really wish they would use -Werror on on their code at least once to clean it up before they
shipped it.

BTW, if upgrading why not jump to the more recent 1.0.5?
They are fairly similar, but with a few fixes and a few updates
and then support for some "robot" board/core.

--- bill