ARDUINO 2.0 Beta no Ardublock


I cannot see Ardublock in the Beta Version, even seeable under IDE 1.8.14 and
installed under Arduino/tools/ArduBlockTool/tool/ardublock-all.jar

What do I have to do ??
Thanks for Help
and stay healthy

Hi @loessi. Thanks for giving the beta phase Arduino IDE 2.x a try!

Arduino IDE 2.x is a complete rewrite of the Arduino IDE. Support for tools like this ArduBlockTool was not added in the rewrite. The need to support extensions of some form is tracked by the developers here:

For now, you'll need to continue to use the classic Arduino IDE in order to use tools.

Thanks, I look foreward for the version, that works with ardublocks :grinning:
I hope, it will be soon......

Take care

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