Arduino 2 way comunication over fsk audio ? softmodem library ! can it be done ?

Hello community,

i am a member of a local volunteer search and rescue team, and i thought that this project would look handy

i've done it so far and it plays really ok. thanks to Clayton Ford.

no all i am thinking is to take it to an other level, and it did up so far.

here is my twist of the code until now.

it transmite everything to morse and it really works. all perfect until now.

i saw this library thow that can transmite in FSK

i would like to enclose it and have on the enclosure 2 x 3.5 mm female audio

one for line in one for line out

now my problem is can i use this library to conect my 2 arduino uno so i can send a text message of 64 characters ?

and i go for audio while the place that i leave is volcanic and sismic active, there is a high chance in a case of an hard earthquake or volcanic eruption to stay with out gsm, 3g, 4g, wifi or even power :D.

as i said i am a member of a volunteer search and rescue tem and i would like to creat a rawbust - versatile text messager that can be versatile. arduino to audio -----> walkie talkie / radio, phone line, uhf, vhf ------> audio to arduino

so does anyone thing that this libraby can do the job ?

i now that it modulates to fsk. i don't know how to demodulate an fsk audio signal.

any help here ?


Thank you BillHo for your reply.

so to understand here instead of ir led and photoresistor this were my audio IN/OUT is and a the reciever part i wont have analog inputs but digital. right ?