Arduino and Microsoft Flight Simulator


I've been desperately trying to interface my Arduino Mega 2560 (NOT R3) with FSX to allow me to use switches and potentiometers.

I've tried using megajoy (it installed but none of the buttons/axis worked in the game controller window) and this (which seems ideal), I would use link2fs but it has no support for pots.

Any help will be appreciated...


Did you have a programming question? Some code, perhaps?

This code below links to an lua file further down that should provide the info to FSX. Note, the code is not mine. Arduino code: Lua file:

arduino can talking whit fs2004 and fsx flight simulator easy whit jims program, can loading wery good and can adding switch,encoder,rotary switch,potentiometers, input and output lights,leds,motors,many. and radio stack all control, i make radio stack and working fine, flight sim forum have jims support forum and have many example whit radio, gears, others. i made there radio code and addingg max 7291 7-segments to radio. but lcd have too some programs.i has i2c lcd 20x4 radio panel too and working fine. all cessna switch whit arduino and bu0 386x card. best cheapen way made real cocpit to home.

news news, arduino can now connect to FSX easy way. download mobiflight software (free) and you can add many new buttons,switch,encoders,servo, 7-segment display(radio panel) etc. but NOT analog input. wery easy way to connect flight simulators new buttons and others.

Where can I download the link2fs?


Sergio20: Where can I download the link2fs?


Found this resurrected thread while looking for the same answer before finding it myself. The original author's site is either down or gone for good, but I found it on the Wayback Machine, complete with working download links: