arduino and thermochromic ink

Hi I'm new to Arduino and I'm looking for a way to use it to heat up a book I've printed with thermochromic ink. The ink activates at 27C, but the thing is I'm looking for a way that releases low current to sustain the temp, so the book is readable. Any ideas?

Your body temperature is higher. A heat lamp shined on the pages for seconds if that is all you need. A hair dryer on low might be enough.

I’ve heard of cooking the books but never like this.

In my climate I'd say just leave it out in the open... OK not today, it's a very chilly 7 degrees now, but in summer even at night the temperature doesn't normally drop much below 27 degrees.

Climate failing, try an oven. Or heat pads (like those used to germinate seeds ahead of the season). Or just declare it a "tropics only!" book. Maybe that'd be a good selling point for those that want to have something to read at the beach.

I've heard of cooking the books but never like this.

Not sure what cooking would do to this book. The ink may be dissolved and disappear altogether... I think baking would be a better solution. Of course unless it's about economics or so.