Arduino as USB host - Clean Solution?

In short, I need to receive data from a USB device, process the data, and trip outputs.

The device is a Futek FSH03912 strain gauge amp, with up to 1.2Mhz data rate.

What's the simplest approach for this?
This is for an industrial system, so speed and reliability are key.

What I've found:
It seems there used to be a host shield that was discontinued.
There's also some libraries for duo (possibly zero) that may work.
USB to SPI converter would be nice, but it seems most can not be used as USB host

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

The DUE Native Port is capable of acting as a USB Host, but you'd have to write some custom code to make it talk to your strain gauge sensor, a USB Device.

There is a USB Host library for interfacing a mouse or a keyboard with a DUE, and an example for interfacing a joystick:

What's the simplest approach for this?

Connect to a Windows PC and use the software provided by the manufacturer.

The company doesn't provide any information about that products communication interface. My guess is that they use a standard serial emulation on the USB interface but that might be completely wrong. If you're a big customer of that company they might give you some more information but there's a high probability that you have to develop USB drivers from scratch.