Arduino Automatic Signal finder and tracker ,used on radio scanner ,,

it works like this , there is a signal analog 0-5Volt , and a Arduino checking the analog RSSi signal .
when it detect a signal on example the radio scanner , it wil switch on and sweeps 180 degrees , in the sweep it uses steps from 1 to 180 degree , every step wil be monitored and if the signal in higher then the step before , the eprom wil store this position !
after the sweep it wil go back 2 the position with the highest signal , and wait till the signal drops , and starts again , it also checks if its the same signal , and when signal is identical it wil not sweep , it waits !.. LOL

if you like 2 try the code , email

i added a file code to bigg

automatedtracker_lcd_rssirecation_meterback.ino (19 KB)

or this version ;)