Arduino battery charging circuit


I am trying to build a small circuit to power an Arduino nano board.
My question is if it is possible to use a battery to power the board, with this battery connected to a tp4056 module.
Would it work while the battery is charging? Would there be any danger to the board?
There is a sketch depicting this idea attached.

Thank you

It should work but doesn't protect the cell from over-discharge. Some TP4056 modules have separate +Out and -Out terminals with a circuit to cut off power if the cell voltage reaches a lower limit (maybe 3.2V?). This keeps the output from taking the cell below the safe limit. Use one of them and run your boost converter off the +/-Out pins.

Another choice is to run your Nano at 8 MHz so you can use the lithium cell voltage directly and get rid of the boost converter.

Johnwasser, Thank you very much for your answer. About the other tp4056 with two OUT terminals, as far as I've read, it only uses the battery power when the usb cable is unplugged. When it is connected to a power source, it uses the incoming power from the usb port. My system, however, performs poorly when using power supplys connected to ac power sources, so I have to rely on batteries. I will give it a try, anyways, and google on how to turn my nano into 8 mhz. Thanks again!