Arduino Chat?

Is there an official Arduino Chat channel somewhere?
-Just curious.

Folks have tried organizing one on facebook. Search there.

There is a non-offficial chat channel. Someone invited us to is here a while back but I don't remember the details. Try searching for the post.


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I suggest the freenode IRC channel. This community is awesome.

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See below for how to connect.

I would like to recommend a more preferred way:

  • Pick a nick name. Preferably one you will continue to use later as well.
  • In the Channels entry form, type #arduino
  • Ask the real questions that you actually have, since "Is there someone using xyz?" is not productive.
  • Wait until you get a reply...

#Arduino is one of the most active and supportive IRC channels. The chances of getting little or no help are very small... but you might need to wait more than a few minutes.

To be honest... the T4NKxxx nicks drive us a bit nutty since we have difficulty making sure we are still talking to the same person.

As a follow-up:

If you have questions about code... prepare your question by posting your code to one of the code sharing sites like:


... Just a few examples...

How to white line count code?


For anyone coming across this old topic (e.g. in searches): The IRC channel has been moved to the new network. See Arduino IRC channel moved to for details.

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