Arduino data to Processing

In my project, I print the speed and acceleration of a ball in the serial port, and I want to show that speed and acc in Processing in a little window, to make it more aesthetic. The problem is that I can’t find nowhere the simple code lines that should be used for that. Anyone got any idea about this topic?

Is your google broken? Search for "processing language read serial from arduino"

Hint: you will get more than 1 hit. Read. Learn. Apply. Reply back with problems.

Just FYI, in some countries it is.

Then the answer given @marcoselpana yesterday by @groundFungus which didn't involve Google, but just having Processing on the PC should have been a good start.

In Processing, in the Files menu there are examples. Look at the simple read example in the examples for Serial. It has the Processing and the Arduino code for very simple serial communication. That is a start.

Yes, the search tool here does wonders too.

Does the forum search tool use Google? IIRC it did on the old forum, but what about with the new version?

That's very interesting. I just tried it, and if it uses Google, it's just a back end. It has the feel of an independent search engine, anyways. You're right about the old one - the results were very obvious google links. The new one looks really cool actually. Would it work in one of those special countries? I have no idea, Canada's internet is essentially totally open. Someone with a VPN could test it from a node in one of those places.

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