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Is there a good reason that the two digital ports are not spaced either 0.1" or 0.2" apart, allowing for standard 0.1" perfboard to be used instead of shields? This confounds me. Thanks,

From what i heard its been a mistake at the beginning of the story - one that has never been corrected and is now some ‘feature’ of the arduino.


Thanks for the replies. Makes sense. My first boards were wacky, for sure.

I still think it should be fixed someday instead of having it be considered some “quirky cuteness”.

I still think it should be fixed someday instead of having be considered to be “quirky cuteness”.

That’s been discussed a lot in the past and the consensus is that too much hardware would break as old shields would then not mate with the ‘newer’ standard boards.

Some vendors have come up with a nice compromise in that they put additional pads for a proper spaced connector next to the existing connector. If you populate it then you could utilize a shield using standard general purpose multipurpose material that utilizes standard .1" spacings.
Here is one example:


This is absolutely the definition of a Frequently Asked Question.

Normally I’m not a fan of “sticky” topics, but seeing as how people refuse to search to see if this question has been asked before (hey, maybe they are the first person to notice it!), it may be worth putting the Arduino team’s response permanently at the top of the F.A.Q. questions.

That’s an excellent suggestion.

And in defense of people who don’t find the answer in a prevoius thread, the older hits can drop off the “15 results” limit of the search pretty quickly.

But if this became a “sticky” topic, the search limit would be moot.

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