Arduino due and st7735

Hi, I like to use st7735 on arduino due.
but I don't know which pin should I link with arduino due.

there are no informations in my data...
if you know the connection of st7735 and arduino due or uno, please tell me.

Use the yellow header pins for the Due.

You can "bit-bash" on any GPIO pins of the Due. e.g. un-comment these lines

// OPTION 2 lets you interface the display using ANY TWO or THREE PINS,
// tradeoff being that performance is not as fast as hardware SPI above.
//#define TFT_MOSI 11  // Data out
//#define TFT_SCLK 13  // Clock out

// For ST7735-based displays, we will use this call
//Adafruit_ST7735 tft = Adafruit_ST7735(TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_MOSI, TFT_SCLK, TFT_RST);

If you want to use Hardware SPI on the Due you must connect the MOSI, SCK pins from 3x2 SPI header.

Your pcb does not have the level-shifter buffer mounted. So the black header pins are useless. If you want to use with the 5V Uno, solder a 74HC245 (I think) buffer and use the black pins.

I suggest that you search AliExpress for a version with the chip mounted. Then you can identify the correct part to solder on your board.
I suspect that the missing chip is the reason for a cheap price.


first I tested st7735 on UNO using graphic test in Adafruit st7735 library.

but I found that st7735 showed white screen continuously..
and when I open serial monitor, I can find black screen and some random words for a moment...

I connected RST to 9, CS to 10, D/C to 8, DIN to 11, CLK to 13, VCC to 5V, LED to 3.3V, GND to GND...

if I do some wrong, please advice for me to fix something... thank you

When both the ST7735 and the Due are 3.3V parts?

I know that it's my pin problem
I already solved this problem... thanks

The board has a 3.3V regulator U1 as can be seen in the photo.
Of course I am guessing. Only the OP can read the part number printed on U1.

I would expect this wiring to work on the Due with the bit-bang constructor DIN means TFT_MOSI.

Adafruit_ST7735 tft = Adafruit_ST7735(TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_MOSI, TFT_SCLK, TFT_RST);

Electronics requires good, reliable electrical connections e.g. soldered wires or quality Dupont cables.

Please let us know how you get on with the Due.


It's a good idea. But it doesn't change the I/O interface voltages. It's perfect for the Due which is 3.3V. It's when such displays are used with 5V processors that things are questionable.

The OP has shown a photo of the pcb.
The OP has asked specifically about Due. Hint. Look at title.

I have tried to give accurate replies.
There is nothing questionable about using Due and ST7735.

Yes, I would feel happier with a link to the actual board that was purchased. But I am fairly confident from the pcb photo.


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