Arduino DUE DAC Output

Hello Guys,

i use the digital to analog converter.

When i write the maximum value for the dac in the analogWriteResolution = 4095, my output is only 2.88 Volt.

When i write the min. value 0, i get 680mV.

So why i didnt get in the max. 3.3 Volt ? And why i didtn get in the min 0 Volt ?

So, what would be the voltage, when i use the half value 4095/2 ? I have the voltage measured 1,76 Volt, why not 1.44 Volt ?

Could someone explaine it please ?

How can i solve this problem or in other words:

What are the exact values for the proper voltages ?

That's normal. The DAC Pins of the DUE are not full swing. I don't know the exact limits but your measurement is in the range that I expect.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

I read in other threads, that its normal too, so i work now with the range between 0.6 Volt and 2.8 Volt.