Arduino + ESC controller + brushless HDD motor

I’m not sure I’m writing it in a right place, but i need a little help with ESC controllers for brushless motors.
I found some information about it and I’m going to use one in my project.
Here are typical controllers:

There are maximum rpm and maximum current are given. But what about minimum well-controllable speed?
So my questions:

In my project i need to controll speed of HDD motor from low (600 rpm) to high (6000 rpm).
Can i do it with such controllers?
And i also knew that it’s possible to connect such controllers to arduino. Is any difference between the signals they “understand”?

Call Castle Creations and ask them if they have Brushless motor drivers available yet with the record data feature yet that allows you to play back the last run and plot the rpm and motor current on a PC. They'll know what your talking about. Tell them you're referring to the feature they have had for their 3-phase 45A (and above) controllers for some time now.