Arduino Ethernet Project Help

Ok im trying to build a garage door opener with my uno/ethernet/iphone
using i have everything that needed plus uploaded sketch to the uno which is found here - iPhone Garage Door Opener - Downloads so far i i wired everything like as told here - iPhone Garage Door Opener - Parts now i dont know if my issue is the relay or not. the relay i have is the OMRON G5V-1 and also 2 12vdc relays from radio shack (OMI-SS-212D and OUDH-SS-112D) .

my phone connects to the uno as its relaying the time back to me inside the iphone app but for the life of me i cant get it to trigger the relay. now this is my first project other then building some items from adafruit.

i have everything setup on a board minus the relay as i think that might be my issue but i could be wrong. below are pics of the setup minus relay.

Schematic from site

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Start trouble shooting by seeing if you can make the the relay work by jumpering power to it. If it is operated by a transistor, check it the same way. Then using a multimeter see if you are actually making a pin go high to operate the transistor. Didn't look at a schematic as just too many links to find it.

Sorry i should of posted the schematic as well so its would be easier i will update first post accordingly

Just a quick look indicates you are trying to power a relay from the arduino 5v. The arduino is not made to power any high current loads like relays, motors, servos, etc., especially a 12v relay.

ok i did some messing around and removed the diode and connected a led to the 5v pin from arduino on the breadboard and used the green lead coming from the collector pin to the other leg of the led and run the program from the iphone and the led lights when i trigger the button once its done the led goes out. now im just trying to achieve sending a negative signal the the positive 5v coming from the garage door to in turn trigger the garage to open/close

garage door motor has a common and a 5v going to a door bell button.
push button common connects to the 5v and door opens from testing i did

** unless there is another way i can trigger my door as this is my first arduino project im open to all options

UPDATE i think i got it working i wired up as per schematic and then wired in relay and used an led i hear the relay click and bam led lights up bright red now all i need to to for final testing before final build is get ethernet to garage hopefully with an old wireless router i have laying around.

thank you zoomcat for the help if i run into anymore roadblocks ill be back

next project RFID access

I completed my first project from breadboard to shield
now to box it up and install it

*might not look the best but its my first project