Arduino for Vision Impaired People

Hi Everyone,
I am doing a school project where I need to design something to help Vision Impaired People(VIP) to interact with Arduino. I am wondering if there is anyone who has done a similar project in the past or who would like to share their own experiences working with Arduino or electronics in general as a VIP.

I am not thinking to design something that could completely change the experience but maybe just a small change that could improve the experience. Feel free to direct message me if you would like to share.

Thank you.

I would think that one of the big problems for a partially sighted Arduino user would be getting interconnect wire in the right hole on the headers - it's hard enough for people with normal vision. Perhaps something to make that easier would be helpful.

What do you mean with "interact with Arduino"?

Could be programming in the IDE.

Could be soldering/wiring/building hardware.

Could be operating an Arduino based project.

Maybe some more possibilities that constitute "interact with Arduino".

Use the forum Google search function in the upper right of this page to search for vision impaired and similar key words. You will probably find many previous project discussions and code on the subject.